The Vatech PaX-i3D – Digital 3D Dental X-Ray in New York

Keep your clinic on the forefront of dental technology by offering your patients a comprehensive 3D dental x-ray in New York and imaging services for more accurate diagnoses and dental implants procedures.

We provide the industry leader in cutting-edge 3D scanning technology in our downtown New York location – Vatech’s PaX-i3D. You will no longer have to make trips to a radiology center for a CT scan of the jaw, as you can do it right here in our office.


Vatech’s Pax-i3D is the next generation model from the popular PaX-Duo3D Plus line, offering the most accurate in-office measuring capabilities of any x-ray tool to date. It will enable your team of dentists to measure the precise height and width of bone prior to surgery by locating bone structure such as nerves and allowing you to follow their path through the inside of the jaw bone with greater precision than ever before. Not only that, our 3D scanner will reduce the amount of radiation your patients typically experience after multiple dental x-rays.

The Vatech PaX-i3D 3D Scanner

Vatech PaX-i3D 3D Scanner

Our scanner produces 3D images of the entire volume in a single scan. The rotation of the scanner itself may be as little as 180 degrees (a half circle around the patient’s head) or varying degrees of rotation up to 360 degrees (a full circle of rotation round the patient’s head). Typically, more than one pulse is generated for each individual angle of rotation. If the machine – for example, rotates 194 degrees, it will generate 300 images to complete the set of data.

The image data is then captured by a sensor and the accompying software is used to study and analyze the scan. This data can be easily converted to a DICOM format and exported to third-party software programs such as N-Liten 3D or Simplant to for further display and manipulation options.

The scanned images in the DICOM format can be exported over the Internet to third parties for services including Simplant conversions, reports by oral as well as maxillofacial radiologists and implant construction surgical guides. These scans can also  be copied to a CD or USB so other parties can view the images without having to purchase any specific software.

Important Specs:

  • 5×5, 8×5, 8×8, and 12×9 FOV Scans – 5×5 scans are useful for diagnosing specific areas with minimal x-ray exposure for patients. It also increases the accurasy of endodontic diagnosis by checking the exact amount of root canals and abnormal root canal shapes like X-shapes that are typically difficult to check using a 2D X-ray system.

The 8×5 scans provide a more extended list of oral information on the maxillary or mandibular areas allowing you to devise an accurate treatment plan that can be established by taking into account major anatomical structures such as the manibular nerve, mental foramen, and maxillary sinus.

The 8×8 scans allow you to provide a comprehensiv diagnosis and treatment plan including both maxillary and mandibular areas in a single scan. This is very useful for complex implant surgery as well as left or right TMJ diagnosis.

The 12×9 scan is the most optimal option for oral diagnosis as it fully covers both maxillary and mandibular structures including the 3rd molar region in a single scan. It is ideal for most oral surgery cases as well as multiple implant surgery

field of view 3D dental scan

  • Advanced Tools and Functions – Ez3D allows for easier, more effective communication with your patients and are available from a simple pull-down menu classified by category. An intuitive tool bar provides you with the most commonly used tools among the menu functions and the view mode consists of MPR, Oblique, 3D Zoom, Curve, Cephalo, and TMJ modes.
    Cephalometric Scan
  • Optimized panoramic images – The Magic PAN feature allows you to create amazing panoramic images. The image is acquired through the elimination of distorted and blurred images caused by improper patient positioning (this is optional).
    Vatech PaX-i3D 3D Dental Scan